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We recommend 24 hours as the best cure time. While it does dry (to the touch) within just a few show hours, it is best to wait 24 hours so our ceramic coating may properly harden.

Once cured, all surfaces treated by ceramic home solutions will be safe for both humans & pets. In fact, our products are environmentally friendly AND your be helping prolong the life of any items treated with a ceramic coating.

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This depends on what we’re working with. For instance… An outdoor kitchen will likely take a few hours, but can depend on the current condition. Our process starts with cleaning & polishing to perfection and ends with a perfectly applied ceramic coating.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does our Ceramic Home Coatings take to dry/cure? On average, 24 hours is best for a proper cure/hardening time.

Is it safe for Children & Pets? Absolutely. Once cured our Ceramic Coatings leave a durable, glossy, scratch resistant surface that is safe for children & pets alike.

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