Our Ceramic Coating Services

Impeccable Quality Ceramic Coating for nearly every surface of your home, Indoor & Out

Impeccable quality Ceramic Coatings for nearly every surface of your home. From Indoor Kitchen to Outdoor, our Ceramic Coatings will add a water resistant, UV protectant, brilliantly glossy protective layer that will make any surface shine like new. Perfect for Outdoor Appliances, Kitchen / Indoor Appliances, Bathroom, Shower & more!

    Grill & Outdoor Appliances

    Long Lasting Outdoor Protection

    Want to bring your grill to a new level? How about protecting your outdoor appliances &/or glass patio furniture? Our Ceramic coating resists oil, water, grease and dirt while adding a beautifully deep shine like no other. Built in UV protection keeps everything from fading in the hot sun.

    Kitchen & Indoor Appliances

    Less Cleaning, Amazing Shine!

    Protect & Preserve your: Stove, Counter Top, Refrigerator, Faucet, Sink, Back Splash, Glass Tables & more. Parents love our Ceramic Home Solutions for its resistance to crayons, markers and finger prints.

    Bathroom & Glass Shower

    Water & Mold Resistant

    Nearly every bathroom surface can benefit from our ceramic coating service. Bathtub, Glass Shower, Countertop, Sink, Faucet & more will have a clear ceramic barrier that’s water & mold resistant. Twice as easy to clean while keeping your bathroom looking perfect for the long term.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does our Ceramic Home Coatings take to dry/cure? On average, 24 hours is best for a proper cure/hardening time.

    Is it safe for Children & Pets? Absolutely. Once cured our Ceramic Coatings leave a durable, glossy, scratch resistant surface that is safe for children & pets alike.

    You have questions, we have answers. Click Here to read more Frequently Asked Questions.

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